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SharePad Training Zone

A series of short, digestible tutorials focusing on getting the best from SharePad. Plus recordings of our latest Webinars

SharePad basics
Searching for a share How to find shares easily in SharePad. Read
Navigating SharePad A basic guide to finding your way round SharePad. Watch video
Using the Single Page In this tutorial we take a deeper look at SharePad's customisable Single page which shows all the key information you want to see about an instrument. Watch video
Creating multi-window layouts A short guide to creating and customising multi-window layouts. Read
Watch video
How to use SharePad chat In this tutorial, we'll take a look at SharePad Chat including how to find it and arrange the layout to your liking. Watch video

Lists and Settings An overview of List screens and how to create customised layouts. Read
Using columns A guide to adding and editing columns in SharePad. Read
Building Phil Oakley's tables in SharePad A guide to replicating one of Phil Oakley's tables from his popular series of investment articles. Watch video
Technical analysis columns: moving averages Technical analysis columns in SharePad with a focus on filtering moving averages. Watch video
Technical analysis columns: MACD A look at the MACD technical analysis column. Watch video
Technical analysis columns: ATR A look at the Average True Range (ATR) technical analysis column. Watch video

Basic Chart Design Discover how to customise charts in this introductory guide. Read
Chart Settings How to create bespoke layouts to meet different investing/trading objectives. Read
Drawing lines on charts A guide to drawing and manipulating trend lines in SharePad. Watch video
Moving Averages Learn how to add moving averages to charts, lists and Data Mining filters. Read
Point & Figure charts How to view and customise P&F charts. Read
Darvas Boxes A short guide to Darvas Boxes in SharePad. Read
Candlesticks How to view and edit candlestick charts in SharePad Read
Candlestick patterns A quick reference guide to bullish and bearish candlestick patterns. View PDF
Multi-select and multi-graph Compare multiple shares on the same chart at the click of a button. Watch video

Financial data
SharePad's financial data An overview of the different ways to access financial data in SharePad. Read
Watch video
Using the stock dashboard SharePad's unique stock dashboard highlights a company's strengths and weaknesses - at a glance. Watch video
Using the Carousel SharePad's Carousel walks you through the key financial characteristics of each share in more detail. This video provides a brief introduction. Watch video
Creating custom financial tables How to create customised tables including the financial results and ratios you are interested in. Watch video
Directors' Dealings A handy overview of the Directors' Dealings screen. Read
Financial charts How to use SharePad's Financial Charts feature. Read
Phil Oakley's Financial Charts How to recreate in SharePad the financial charts that Phil Oakley uses in his articles. Watch video
The Compare view Discover how to easily compare and rank up to 20 instruments on an array of financial data. Read

Basic Filtering Learn how to create your first stock screening filters in SharePad. Watch video
Filtering lists A more advanced look at SharePad's powerful stock screening capabilities. Read
Filtering: Big change, low volume Filter for shares with large price movements but small volumes. Watch video
Filtering: Pullback Filter for shares which have pulled back from a recent high. Watch video
Filtering: Inside day Filter for bars with a lower high and a higher low. Watch video
New filters A review of the new filters added to SharePad library. Read

Portfolios and transactions
Portfolio basics An overview of SharePad's key portfolio functions. Read
Watch video
The Holdings view How to display your share purchases and sales over the lifetime of your portfolio. Read
The Cash view How to show details of all of your cash account credits and debits. Read
The Value on date view How to analyse your portfolio performance over varying time frames. Read
The Tax view A guide to CGT (Capital Gains Tax) and Dividend tax reports. Read
The Portfolio Valuation Chart How to monitor the performance of your portfolios on a chart. Read
Recording Transactions #1:
Buys & Sells
A guide to recording share purchases and sales in SharePad. Read
Recording Transactions #2:
Credits & Debits
An overview of cash accounts. Read
Recording Transactions #3:
Dividends & other transactions
How to automatically & manually add dividends and other transactions, including - scrip dividends, returns of capital, notional distribution and Property Income Distribution (PID). Read
Recording Transactions #4:
Splits & Consolidations
How to amend transactions in light of share splits and consolidations. Read
Transferring ShareScope portfolios to SharePad A short guide to copying your ShareScope portfolios to SharePad. Read
Importing portfolios & transactions How to import Stockopedia and Excel portfolios into SharePad. Read

Other great features
News Getting the most from the News feed in SharePad. Read
Alarms Learn how to create a host of alarms so you can react fast to significant events. Read
Setting up your Market view Learn how to use the new Market view feature and create your own overviews. Read
Watch video
The Level 2 view A comprehensive guide on using the Level 2 view in SharePad Pro. Read
Outperforming an Index The different ways to discover which shares are outperforming an index or key benchmark. Read
Investor tools Phil Oakley gives a tour of some useful tools to help with your investing. Read
How to use floating windows for Multi-monitor setups SharePad Pro's floating windows feature which enables you to display SharePad Pro over multiple monitors. Watch video


Recordings of our live training webinars.

An introduction to charting in SharePad with Paul Hall Paul Hall from the support team presents a LIVE 'An introduction to charting in SharePad' webinar, where he will cover Charts navigation, Charts design, and some tips and tricks. This will be followed by a live Q and A. Originally broadcast on 18/11/21. Watch video
Understanding Level 2 in SharePad with Paul Hall Paul Hall from the support team presents a LIVE 'Understanding Level 2 in SharePad' webinar followed by a live Q and A. Originally broadcast on 07/10/21. Watch video
Stock Screening in SharePad with Paul Hall Watch a recording of a special LIVE Webinar with Paul Hall, where we cover Stock screening followed by a Q and A. Originally broadcast on 12/08/21. Watch video
Michael Taylor's 'Searching for potential trades' A recording of ShareScope writer and full time trader, author and founder of Michael Taylor presenting a LIVE 'Searching for potential trades' Webinar. Originally broadcast on 21/02/20. Watch video
Maynard Paton's 'Searching For My Next Long-term Winner' A recording of writer and full-time private investor Maynard Paton's LIVE version of his ever popular article series, using SharePad filters to screen for interesting shares and talking through his finanical analysis. Originally broadcast on 28/11/19. Watch video
Picking winners with SharePad In this webinar Head of Knowledge, Richard Chiesa will show you how to use filters and other features to find potential share investments.Originally broadcast on 23/05/19. Watch video
Portfolio management & analysis with SharePad In this webinar Head of Knowledge, Richard Chiesa talks through how to use SharePad's portfolio tool to create and manage your investments.Originally broadcast on 29/03/19. Watch video
Little known SharePad features / shortcuts In this hour long presentation Head of Knowledge, Richard Chiesa talks through a list of 15 SharePad features you might not know about.Originally broadcast on 21/02/19. Watch video
Financial data & filtering in SharePad In this hour-long presentation Head of Knowledge, Richard Chiesa will be providing a guided tour of SharePad's Financial pages, together with a tutorial on how to filter financial data.Originally broadcast on 24/01/19. Watch video
Technical analysis & filtering with SharePad A guided tour of SharePad's technical analysis tools including charting, moving averages and running stock-screening filters to find key technical patterns.Originally broadcast on 27/12/18. Watch video
Getting started with SharePad In this hour-long presentation Head of Knowledge, Richard Chiesa guides you through all the main features of SharePad, including - Searching, Lists/Tables, Charts, News, Financials, Portfolios & Transactions and Alarms. Originally broadcast on 13/12/18. Watch video