Become a better trader with SharePad Pro

Do you wish you had more independence when it comes to your trading? Would you like to find trades for yourself and not rely on others? SharePad Pro has been designed for the modern trader.

Described as "a Bloomberg terminal for private investors" by MoneyWeek and currently voted the UK's Best Investment Software by the FT/Investors Chronicle awards, SharePad Pro is the ultimate tool for serious traders.

"SharePad has given me advantages others don't have and lets me get the information I need instantly. Any trader wanting to become more independent and consistent should use SharePad"

Michael Taylor - Author, investment writer and full-time trader.

Everything in one place

  • UK, US & European stocks (all included as standard)
  • Funds, investment trusts, exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Real-time prices, Live news, RNS & alarms
  • Level 2 for London Stock Exchange
  • Global market indices, commodities, bonds, forex and cryptocurrencies
  • Unrivalled filtering & stock screening
  • Superior portfolio management
  • Use anywhere - Windows PCs & laptops, MacBooks, iPads, Android tablets
  • A huge suite of financial,charting and technical analysis tools

Easy to use

The goal of SharePad Pro is to help you find trades quickly and effectively.

SharePad Pro has a split screen format which means you can scroll through a list of shares and instantly view the chart or Level 2 screen.

You can instantly search for any company and find everything you need including financials, forecasts, ratios, director holdings, and much more.

You can even set up multi-window layouts - with up to nine Level 2 screens on your SharePad.


Explore the full order book

SharePad Pro comes with Level 2 access for the London Stock Exchange. This Level 2 window is customisable and shows full market depth.

Get an advantage by seeing where market makers are positioning themselves and work better entries and exits by entering trades via direct market access.

Don't understand Level 2? We'll show you. Book a free one-to-one training session as soon as you sign-up.


Superb charting

Traders thrive on technical analysis, which is why our charting gives you advanced options.

Customise your charts for how you want them. Add moving averages, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci retracement. View charts over multiple timeframes.

SharePad Pro gives you ultimate control.


Stock performance at a glance

We know that seconds can matter in trading.That's why we've created a single page summary - get the information you need instantly.

The Single page summary shows all the key information about a stock, fund, investment trust or ETF on one scrollable page.

Our custom mode even allows you to create your own single page summary to display the information you want.


Keep up with the market

With SharePad Pro you can see risers and fallers across the London Stock Exchange or on specific markets such as the FTSE 250 or AIM.

You can track the indices or specific benchmarks. You decide.


Unrivalled filtering & screening

It's impossible to track thousands of shares. That's why you can filter and screen for what you want.

Create your own or choose from our extensive library of filters including those created by our writers and contributors.

Track breakouts, volume spikes, or filter for specific chart patterns. Search for stocks with increasing free cash flow or other financial ratios.

The screening potential is almost limitless.


Use alarms for significant events

Want to be notified when RNSs are released? Want to know if a stock hits a certain price? SharePad Pro lets you set alarms so you can react quickly.

You can get alerts via SharePad and via email. This saves you from worrying about prices and RNSs when you're not at the screens.

Click here to read more about alarms.


Superior portfolio management

Broker accounts offer little on your performance. SharePad's portfolio tools give you much greater control.

Create portfolios containing all your investments - shares, funds, investment trusts, ETFs and bonds. Record all your transactions including costs. SharePad will automatically record dividend payments for you.

Choose a suitable benchmark index for each of your portfolios and monitor your performance on your portfolio chart.


Dig a little deeper

Once you've identified a stock for further investigation, SharePad's Carousel walks you through the key financial characteristics of each share in more detail.

Around 20 financial charts arranged on four tabs - Key data, Quality, Safety and Valuation - are accompanied by guiding text from Phil Oakley. The carousel is designed to help you learn the key questions to ask and how to interpret the data. You'll learn how to spot tell-tale trends which could signal future trouble.

We believe that the key to investment success is understanding what you are buying. SharePad's superb Dashboard and Carousel will help you become a more successful stock-picker.


Unbeatable personal service

We know speed matters including before the market opens. That's why we offer a dedicated service support line for SharePad Pro users from 7am.

On the phone or email as often as you need them between 7am - 5.30pm, Monday-Friday. No question too big or small.

We actively encourage customers to call as often as they like.


We'll teach you how

We pride ourselves on customer service.

That's why we're also offering a free one-to-one training call with one of our experts. Just book online and an expert will call you at your chosen time.

"I was totally surprised when they contacted me and offered some online training as part of my subscription. I was amazed and agreed, the training was first rate. The questions that I had were all answered clearly and improved my understanding. I wish I had started my subscription earlier!" - Trustpilot review from recent subscriber.