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    Choosing your first investments?

    Stock-picking needn't be complicated. Here's a guide on what to look for when buying your first shares.

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    Completely new to investing?

    Read our Step-by-Step guide to investing. Learn how to understand company finances, how to value shares and how to practice certain types of investing.... and how you can avoid simple mistakes.

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    How YOU can beat the fund managers

    As a private investor, you have several advantages over the professionals to help you out-perform them.

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    Why free tools aren't enough

    The free information and tools that brokers provide have improved a lot over the years. But are they good enough to manage your own investments in an effective way?

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    Award winning investment data & analysis

    ShareScope & SharePad named 'Best Investment Research & Data Software' 2023

    ShareScope & SharePad has been the recipient of over 50 awards in 20 years. If you want to be able to pick winners, start with your investment software. ShareScope/SharePad is consistently voted Best Investment Software by readers of the UK's top-selling investment magazines.

    In 2015 CEO & founder, Martin Stamp was honoured with the coveted "Editors Award for Services to Private Investors" by Investors Chronicle.

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    • Best Investment Data Award 2021
    • Shares Magazine award 2020