Alpesh Patel: How to use the Alpesh Ratings

These ratings are displayed in the top left corner of my radar screens (see example below) and as columns in the Alpesh Table. They enable you to further evaluate not just the stocks that appear in my filters but any stocks - such as your current holdings.

  • Alpesh Value/Growth Rating: rates stocks from 1 to 10 (10 being best) on the value and growth criteria used for my Value/Growth filter. Note that the filter also looks for momentum as well which is why the filter does not include all the stocks with high Value/Growth ratings.
  • Alpesh Bullish Momentum Rating: assesses stocks for bullish momentum, grading from A to C (A = Very Strong, B = Neutral, C = Weak or No Momentum). Note that this rating looks at momentum over a longer time frame than the Bullish Momentum filter. That is, the Bullish Momentum Rating grades highly stocks with good recent momentum whereas the filter looks for stocks that have just turned up.
  • Alpesh Overall Rating: this is my overall rating for a stock based on valuation, growth and technical criteria. It is displayed as a rating histogram, rather like ShareScope's sector ranking.
  • Alpesh Stock Comment: hover the cursor over the Alpesh Overall Rating histogram and my Stock Comment will appear explaining why I have given the stock its particular rating. See example below:
Alpesh Patel ratings chart
Alpesh Patel ratings table

NOTE: Alpesh's Stock Comment and Rating is generated directly from the data in ShareScope using Alpesh's algorithm. These will be updated dynamically when you update ShareScope.