About Alpesh

Alpesh Patel is an FCA-authorised investment manager and launched his FCA regulated Asset Management company, Praefinium Partners, as founding CEO in 2005. The company manages hundreds of millions of dollars in global investments on behalf of institutional investors such as pension funds.

Alpesh is also retained by UK Trade and Investment as part of an expert, senior team of Dealmakers. In this role he sources and introduces early stage technology, IP and entrepreneurial talent from India, China and SE Asia for UK incorporation. He secures financing and structured investment agreement with major venture capital, private equity and angel investment groups to evolve and transform start-up businesses to multi-million-pound entities.

Testimonials for Alpesh

Alpesh's insight to the markets and trading are a must read for traders of all levels including beginners, there is something for everyone.

Peter Cruddas - Chairman, CMC Group

Find out how one of the UK's best known traders and broadcasters uses the wealth of information out there.

Michael Foulkes - CEO, TD Waterhouse Europe

Alpesh's proven track record speaks for itself. Learning from him will help ordinary people match the results of market professionals.

Clive Cooke - CEO, CityIndex

Takes a no-holds barred approach to uncovering stock market secrets, and searches for the truth that most financial TV coverage keeps well hidden...a brave guide that will help any stock market investor navigate the muddy waters of financial reporting - a sort of Columbo meets Warren Buffet.

Polly Fergusson - Shares magazine

Genuinely attempts and succeeds in giving the tools to convert a private investor to a professional investor for today's "Holy Grail" obsessed market.

Dan Maczulski - IG Index

The lid of the traders' black box has finally been well and truly removed.

John Watson - Co-Chairman, CNBC Arabia

This is great. A magnificent job.

Bernard Oppetit - Chairman, Centaurus Capital (about Mind of a Trader by Alpesh Patel)

The Mind of a Trader successfully captures the character of its subject, with Alpesh's insightful commentary.

Mark Slater - fmr MD Merrill Lynch

Alpesh is a born authoritative commentator and always insightful news editorial contributor. I miss the time when his FT column on online investing was my incentive to buy the weekend edition.

Ivan Schouker - CEO, American Express Sharepeople

Gets to the heart of the matter of trading by clearly elucidating the methodologies of successful trading strategies while capturing the ineffable ethos of singular, successful traders.

Pat Arbor - Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade

Long overdue and very, very welcome.

Brian Winterflood - Winterflood Securities

Seasoned traders and new investors alike will learn much from Alpesh Patel's "no nonesense" guide to the industry.

Philip Hamsheir - BBC

...one of the savviest traders around. Read [Investing Unplugged] and you are guaranteed to be a better investor.

Peter Temple - Financial Times columnist

An essential companion for the online trader.

Sapna Kandakuri - Wealth Management, Coutts Bank

Let this veteran trading warrior show you how to survive and thrive with his latest internet guide.

Thom Calandra - Editor in Chief, CBS MarketWatch

At last someone brave enough to explain trading clearly.

Justin Urquhart Stewart - Co-founder, Seven Investment Management

The Internet Trading Course is the best guide of its kind to personal investing and will satisfy the beginner and the professional.

Nathan Moss - COO, Merrill Lynch HSBC

The Internet Trading Course gives you an insight into making the markets work for you.

Bharat Masrani - Vice Chairman, TD Waterhouse Group

Insights into online trading from one of the leading authorities in the field.

Craig Walling - CEO, Charles Schwab Europe

Alpesh provides as ever as the leading authority in his field clear and concise guide to making profits from proven trading strategies.

Gaurav Saraf - CEO, Epiphany Ventures

Alpesh clearly brings to life the difference between what analysts and the media "spin" and what you should trust.

Hans Georgeson - Director, Barclays Stockbrokers