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ShareScript is the programming language built into ShareScope Plus and Pro. It enables you to perform customised analysis on ShareScope data and use the results as columns, indicators or Data Mining criteria. ShareScript provides full access to ShareScope's price and fundamental databases.

Use this website to download free scripts, tutorials & documentation and discuss your ideas with other members on our dedicated discussion forum. To see what you can achieve with ShareScript, take a look at the examples below:

ShareScope: Custom trend indicator built using ShareScript
A custom trend indicator applied to the main graph which changes the background colour when the trend is up
ShareScope: A graph of EPS inc. forecasts built using ShareScript
A graph of EPS (including forecasts) plotted on top of the main price graph for easy comparison

ShareScript is not just a facility for those able to program. ShareScope includes a number of ShareScripts for you to use and adapt, and we have created a ShareScript Library from where you can download more scripts created by us and other members. You can also send and receive ShareScript files by email and save them in ShareScope.

This is just the first phase of ShareScript - it will become even more powerful. Please send your comments to us at