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The Alpesh Patel Special Edition of ShareScope is a series of systems that I have used for many years, developing my own stock-picking filters and analytic settings ("radars"), and which has proved consistently successful for me.

I want it to save you hours and hours of searching for trades and make you much more than it costs. It has done that for me!

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About Alpesh

Alpesh Patel is a man with his finger on the pulse. When he isn't managing his hedge fund, Alpesh is a "Dealmaker" for the UK Department of Trade and Industry and is also a best-selling investment writer. More...

About Alpesh Patel Special Edition

I have used this system for years now to target 25% growth per annum. It's important to stress the word TARGET. I set my sights high. Each year, I published a basket of stocks for a 12-month buy and hold. In fact, all I did was list the stocks in my Alpesh Patel Value/Growth filter on the day I gave the tips.

Using this method I have achieved an average return of 18.2% over the last 5 years. Not 25% but I'll take 18.2% every year and I'm sure you would too. The FTSE All-Share provided an average 6.3% gain over the same period.

Now, the Alpesh Patel Special Edition does not pick sure-fire winning trades and investment ideas every time. It picks trades and investment ideas that already meet specific criteria that I require as a starting point. These are criteria which I have settled upon over years of investing and shorter-term trading.

I may still find reasons not to like some of the opportunities highlighted by my filters but I will tell you the warning signs that I look for.

Alpesh Patel Special Edition is an UPGRADE to ShareScope and costs just £199 per year.

The Alpesh Patel Special Edition is a set of stock screens and auto-generated comment devised by Alpesh Patel alone. ShareScope identifies matching stocks based on Alpesh's criteria only. Alpesh Patel is an FCA-authorised investment manager.

Click here to see the seven ways I look for opportunities.

Impressive Results

  Alpesh Patel
Special Edition
2004 performance + 34.9% + 9.2%
2005 performance + 44.2 % + 18.1%
2006 performance + 40.6% + 10.8%
2007 performance - 2.3% + 2.3%
2008 performance - 18.4% - 32.4%
2009 performance + 17.4% + 28.0%
2010 performance + 16.1% + 9.1%
2011 performance - 4.4% - 6.5%
2012 performance + 18.9% + 7.4%
2013 performance + 33.5% + 12.9%
2014 performance - 4.3% - 2.4%
2015 performance + 23.3% - 6.6%
2016 performance + 19.4% + 20.0%
Average + 16.8% + 5.4%
Average (last 5 years) + 18.2% + 6.3%

Keep up the good work, your filters have already paid for the yearly subscription several times over!

Alpesh Patel Special Edition includes:

Alpesh Ratings

Displays a range of momentum measures and includes my proprietary Value/Growth Rating, Bullish Momentum Rating and Overall Rating. This is loaded into one of your List Table settings. Read more...

My four analytical "Radars"

Four Graph Settings which focus on different aspects of technical analysis. Each radar also includes my proprietary Alpesh Ratings displayed in the top left corner. Read more...

My four proprietary Data Mining filters

My bespoke Value/Growth, Momentum/Value, Bullish Momentum and Bearish Momentum stock screening filters. These are added to your library of Data Mining filters. Read more...

My exclusive monthly newsletter

My newsletter summarises the hours and hours of research I have done for the month ahead and has the best of the research from everything I have read from all the private banks, Bloomberg and hedge fund sources.

I only subscribed to your Special Edition of ShareScope a week or two ago and have already made a couple of thousand on two of your investments - needless to say I am delighted as this has more than covered the cost of your Special Edition and put a bob or two into my pocket - Thank you.

I use the Special Edition of ShareScope, utilising your systems...pleased to say that it is proving to be profitable for me.